J O H N   P A G A N O
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Signature Series
This gallery of 'like' paintings and drawings have challenged me as an Artist since 1978 to the present. I considered the concept that I could change what I was 'looking at' and paint it in the same way, or, I could look at the same 'scene' and subtly change the way I was painting it over time, until the 'action' of representing it became as intuitive as signing my own name.

The subtle changes in the art that take place are quite similar to the transformation that can take place with our signature making over years, both are essentially automatic and occur in a subconscious manner.

This series of paintings has everything to do with surrealism and automatic writing.

This continual and evolving series of paintings embraces the repetition of a two second action of signing our name and what this action reveals about ourself, through a semi-subconscious creative process.